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We use the latest in dental technology.

We offer a full range of treatment and services including:

Preventative Services

We will help you to attain and then maintain a clean and healthy mouth. Plaque and tartar on teeth have been linked to other medical conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as to gum disease and tooth decay. We can remove this material and advise our patients in oral hygiene techniques to reduce its rate of build up.
Fissure Sealants are plastic coatings which are applied to and stick to the biting surface of adult molar teeth in children to help prevent the build up of plaque in the fissures of the teeth. In doing so they can help to prevent decay in these surfaces.
We can provide custom made sportsguards for wearing in contact sports such as hockey and rugby. The guard is to help prevent traumatic damage to teeth and supporting bone as well as reducing the risk of damage to the jaw joints in the event of trauma. We  recommend all our patients who take part in contact sports  wear a sportsguard and can provide them in a wide range of colours and designs.
Our dentists are experienced in examining the soft tissues of your mouth as well as your teeth for visible signs of abnormality. Our patients are encouraged and supported to reduce risk factors for oral cancer and to arrange an appointment should they have any concerns about their oral health. We advise all of our patients to have regular check ups so that any abnormalities may be diagnosed at an early stage.

General & Family Dentistry

We welcome patients of all ages and offer a wide range of general dental treatments, including fillings, children’s dentistry, root canal (endodontic) treatment, treatment of gum disease, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures and extractions.
We want children to feel at ease when they visit us. Our aim, in partnership with parents, is to prevent the need for active treatment by offering the best advice in oral hygiene  and diet management. When a treatment is required we use the “Tell-Show-Do” method, where everything is explained in a clear and simple way before treatment is carried out ensuring that your child understands what will happen throughout the process and reduce any stress they may feel.

When necessary, Fissure Sealants are carried out as a preventative treatment and we recommend that children who enjoy contact sports are fitted with their own custom made mouthguard to protect both teeth and supporting bone.

Red gums, puffy gums or gums that bleed when you brush your teeth?
This could be early gum disease, a common infection of the gums caused by bacteria in plaque. Untreated, the infection may progress leading to loss of the bone supporting the teeth and recession of the gums. This can lead to teeth becoming sensitive to changes in temperature (particularly cold) and may result in some teeth becoming loose. In advanced cases teeth may be lost as a result of gum disease. Act NOW before it has a chance to destroy the bone surrounding  your teeth. Call us on 02890483537  to make an appointment .

This involves simple regular check-ups and a professional cleaning. We can provide you with good oral hygiene practices to reverse gum disease.

We offer Periodontal treatment to control gum disease, reducing the impact on the bone surrounding  teeth and helping to halt receding gums. This involves a thorough professional cleaning and, when needed, the expert surgical and restorative techniques you require.

Once your gum disease is halted, we will give you a personalised  home care regime to monitor and maintain good teeth and gum condition for life.

Pain or throbbing while you eat or drink? Has your tooth changed colour or darkened? Do you see a swelling or discharge coming from your gum? Make an appointment with us.

Deep cavities, extensive decay or trauma  can cause a deep infection of the tooth pulp/ nerve, making root canal treatment the only option to help save your tooth. Over a number of appointments the problem area is initially accessed before the root canals are deep cleaned to remove the infection. Then the canals are filled using special materials. The crown (that part of the tooth above the gum ) is restored using either a filling material or a laboratory fabricated crown.

This is a removable appliance (plate) which is used to replace missing teeth. There are a range of options available and at Lemon Dental Care we are happy to advise you on which will suit you best.

Cosmetic Treatments

Airflow is a private treatment using a simple mix of air, sodium bicarbonate and a jet of water to gently remove surface staining such as tea, coffee, red wine and cigarettes. With just one Airflow treatment we can remove  plaque and discolouration caused by these substances  leaving  your mouth  feeling fresh and clean. Results can be striking as it returns your teeth to their natural colour.

A popular pre-holiday/pre-wedding treatment. 

Before & After
Airflow Example

airflow teeth brightening belfast before airflow teeth brightening belfast after

Airflow Example – Extreme case.

airflow teeth brightening belfast extreme airflow teeth brightening belfast extreme

A low cost way of brightening your smile. The strip adheres to your teeth and releases the whitening compound directly onto the tooth surface.

We currently offer both the Enlighten and Zoom tooth whitening treatments. Here are some before and after photographs of our whitening treatments.

enlighten-teeth-whitening-belfast-before enlighten teeth whitening belfast afterteeth whitening belfast beforeteeth whitening belfast after

Do you prefer to avoid a mouth full of obvious metal fillings? We can use the very latest composite filling materials to strengthen your teeth and improve their appearance. These fillings are tooth coloured and, unlike silver fillings, they form a chemical bond with your tooth which gives the tooth a renewed strength. Where clinically appropriate, we can use these materials to replace your silver / mercury fillings.

Before & After
White Fillings

fillings-silver fillings-white

If you’re unhappy with the colour, shape or even the spacing of your teeth, veneers may be the solution to  improve the appearance of your smile. Veneers are  thin coverings which are applied to the front surface of usually a front a tooth or teeth. They can be custom made in porcelain and then bonded to the tooth or applied directly by the dentist using a composite resin material
Crowns are custom made laboratory fabricated tooth-shaped coverings which are fitted to a tooth which has been previously prepared by the dentist. They can be used to improve both the appearance of the tooth and improve its function. At Lemon Dental Care we are please to be able to offer a range of cosmetic metal-free high strength ceramic crowns to enhance your smile.

Before & After Porcelain Crown Replacement

porcelain crown replacement belfast before porcelain crownreplacement belfast after

On occasions where teeth are missing a bridge can be fitted to fill the space. Essentially replacements of the missing tooth or teeth are custom made in porcelain at a laboratory which  we then attach carefully  to the tooth to one side of the space or sometimes to the teeth on both sides of the space. At Lemon Dental Care we have the experience and expertise to design and fit the bridge that’s right for you.
An implant is essentially an artificial tooth root placed in your jaw bone to which a custom made replacement tooth crown can be fitted. Where more teeth are missing a number of implants  be used to support a fixed bridge or to secure a denture.  Dr Lappin carries out our implant restoration work with the latest technology in our Lemon Dental Care surgery.